dot n hook my monkeys2

My name is Janet Christopher and I’m a married homemaker with both a son and daughter serving in our United States Air Force overseas. Having been in the Air Force ourselves, my husband and I know exactly what they are going through and support them 1000%. My husband and I RV full-time leaving me lots of free time to create!

I learned to crochet when I was very little. My mom handed me a crochet hook and taught me a chain stitch and I was off!! I think I made a hundred leashes for dogs, necklaces, Barbie bracelets, and anything else you can imagine with a long chain of yarn..lol. I did make an afghan when I was in the military and then another in 2003-4. And a couple of doggie sweaters here and there, but I didn’t really do anything serious with my crocheting…..until now.

Fast forward to Feb 2014. I was thinking about what I could do to help with income for retirement/fun/fixing up the house, ect…nothing major, when I came across a local trading site that showed a lady selling little photo prop baby hats. I thought to myself “Hey, I could do that and it would be fun, too!”

Since then, I’ve found that I really enjoy helping others learn to crochet or learn more about this wonderful therapeutic craft!

I hope you enjoy this site as much as I do creating it!!


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